Smoked TriTip Roast

California’s claim to Beef, this cut of meat is super delicious and affordable. I’m a grilling kind of girl and anything I can throw on my Weber (charcoal of course) I will. I like to grill a few Tri-Tips a week and snack on it over the week. It makes great sandwiches the next day!

Smoked Tri-Tip

Basic Tools and Supplies: tri-tip roast, grill, charcoal, wood chips, welding gloves (perfect for grilling), sturdy tongs. worcestershire sauce, olive oil, grill seasoning.

  1. cover TriTip with worcestershire sauce and rub with olive oil. season TriTip with grill seasoning. lately I’ve been using one with a smokey and spicy flavor in it. rub seasoning all over roast. don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!
  2. let tri-tip rest and come to room temperature if cold. in the meantime get grill going. i do my coals in sections, more coals on one side for high heat and fewer on the other side for low heat. the hot side is for searing and low heat is for smoking.
  3. soak wood chips in a big bowl of water. once coals have started to turn gray i lay the roast on the hot side. sear roast for about 5-10 min on each side or until it has a nice crust on the outside. turn the meat only once.
  4. once it’s seared remove from heat and remove rack from grill. drain water from wood chips and place them over hot coals. place rack back on grill and lay roast over warm side, fat side up. cover grill with lid and close vents. let smoke for about 20-30 min. for medium rare (depends on how thick the roast is). the thicker the better for longer smoking time.
  5. remove roast and let rest for a few min. before slicing.

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