Easy Homemade Chicken Stock

Make your chicken stock from scratch and keep it in the freezer for homemade soups or to use in rice instead of water. When you’re at the store picking up a rotisserie chicken for a quick dinner, pick up a few extra ingredients to make a stock with the leftover chicken.  It’s easy and rustic and much better than a box or can to make stock with leftover rotisserie chicken.

Ingredients: leftover rotisserie chicken (bones and all!), celery, carrots, onion, garlic, whole peppercorn, salt.

  1. in a stock  pot place leftover chicken in pot. cover with about 6-8 cups of water. heat over high heat.
  2. chop top and bottom off celery, add to pot (save rest of celery stalks for snacking or cooking with).
  3. chop tops and bottoms off carrots and add to pot. save the rest of carrots for later use. (tip: buy the bulk carrots with their green leafy tops for stocks. just break off the the leafy tops and add that to stock pot.)
  4. slice 1 small onion in half and add to pot. (peel and all)
  5. smash 4-6 garlic cloves and add to pot. (peel and all)
  6. add 2 tbs of whole black peppercorn and 2 tbs of salt to pot.

Let stock come to a boil then turn down heat to medium cover and let it cook for about 30-45 min. Turn off heat. Place a large bowl in the sink and set a strainer inside it. Slowly pour stock into bowl. (you may have to do in 2 bowl if your bowl is not big enough.) Lift stainer out and shake out excess liquid. Discard chicken and veggies from strainer. You now have homemade chicken stock! Pour stock into containers and store in freezer.


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