Maia’s Favorite Breakfast

My daughter loves Ramen noodles. She would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I don’t go for that! There isn’t enough nutrients for her growing body. To make us both happy, I came up with this recipe. She gets Ramen for breakfast and I add some healthy ingredients.

Ingredients: 1 celery rib (the center rib with the leaves works great), 1 small carrot, 2 garlic cloves, 1/4 cup shelled edemame, 2 thin slices of smoked salmon, 3 eggs, 1 package chicken flavored Ramen, sunflower oil (olive oil is fine). parsley

  1. place Ramen in small pot and cover with water. pour packet in and add edemame. heat over med. high heat. once water starts to boil turn off heat.
  2. heat skillet over med. heat. finely chop carrot and celery. drizzle oil in pan and add carrot and celery. give smoked salmon a rough chop and add to pan. finely chop garlic, add to pan. mix it all up.
  3. crack eggs into pan, season with a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper. break yolks and mix everything together in pan.
  4. with a pasta spoon or slotted spoon, pull Ramen out of water and add to pan. finely chop parsley and add to pan. mix everything together a few more min. until Ramne is coated with eggs and veggies.

Pile it in a bowl and Eat!


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