Recipe Testing

I went through a vegetarian phase in my life when I was about 18. That was a long time ago, now and it was before I was really cooking for myself. My friends and I had a few simple little things we would cook but for the most part we ate out. We knew all the fast food joints and restaurants we could eat at that didn’t use lard and other animal bi-products. Being a vegetarian didn’t last for me, though. After all, I grew up in a Lebanese family in Texas. Family gatherings made it very hard to stick to that kind of  a diet. The tables were always filled with delicious meats, so I just gave up. I’m a meat eater. That’s all there is to it. I do appreciate the vegetarian diet though and I love to feed people so I’d like to be able to feed this group too. I’ve tried a vegan soup before. I wasn’t crazy about it but the few people who tried it liked it. I thought I’d go with a stir-fry this time. They’re easy and delicious and hearty. After a few different attempts I came up with one that is pretty good. I tried seasoning extra firm tofu in lemon pepper and then pan frying it in olive oil. It was good but I have to make it a few more times to perfect it.


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