Springtime Pollens and Soup

Spring is such a beautiful season. The earth is shedding it’s winter skin. It’s a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s not great on those who suffer from allergies, however.

Springtime pollens can really mess with our well being. You’re not technically sick but you feel like crap! I don’t usually suffer from allergies but every now and then I get a little raw throat, itchy eyes and the burning sinuses. Especially if I’ve been to my home town (Austin, Tx) in the springtime. There are so many trees and wild flowers there and if they get a lot of rain, the tree pollens really go crazy.

Well, I just got back from Austin and it was full of pollens this year. I think I’m probably extra sensitive to the pollens now because I don’t live there anymore, so I haven’t really a tolerance for it anymore. Needless to say I came back home with the raw throat, itchy eyes and burning sinuses. Been a long time! I hate feeling like crap so I’m nursing myself back to perfect health with my delicious soups. Today I made a tasty Lemon Pepper Chicken Soup with Vermicelli. I was instantly feeling better as soon as I starting eating! The warm broth on my throat was soothing and my sinuses started to clear. Two more bowls of this soup and I should be all better!

Lemon Pepper Chicken Soup with Vermicelli

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