JJ’s Top 5 Potato Vodkas

While researching for a recipe on a new drink I’ve been enjoying, I discovered I could not find an easy link to reference on Potato Vodkas. I prefer the taste and smoothness of a potato vodka over any grain, corn or grape vodka. Some even say potato vodkas are less harsh for hangovers. Could be myth, could be true, could just be up to you. I’ll let you decide. I’ve put together a list of my top 5 picks. Judge for yourself…

  1. Chopin Potato Vodka: By far the smoothest and most delicious potato vodka. Great in a dirty martini (extra cold)! Pricey and worth every penny.
  2. Karlsson’s Gold Vodka: I’ve only just discovered this potato vodka but it is definitely a very close runner up to Chopin. Pricey but worth it.
  3. Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka: Another new discovery, I really like that they seem to love making their vodka! “Two guys and a copper pot still”. Pricey. 
  4. Blue Ice Potato Vodka: It’s made from American Idaho potatoes. It’s very reasonably priced and great for those of us on tight budgets! Better for mixed drinks.
  5. Monopolowa Potato Vodka: You cannot beat the price on this vodka and it’s quite good. A great well spirit perfect for entertaining large parties or for mixed cocktails. 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Yoder says:

    I’d rank these a little differently:

    1. Karlsson’s Gold
    2. Boyd & Blair
    3. Chopin

    Karlsson’s and B&B have both done taken Chopin to the logical conclusion by making their vodkas full-bodied.

    I consider Blue Ice and Monopolowa to both be more or less well-quality. But it’s nice because they still have a bit of the flavor of a potato vodka.

  2. jmjoseph says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Dan! I’m still a Chopin girl. It’s my favorite vodka for a Dirty Martini extra cold!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Need to try Dripping springs Vodka!

      1. jmjoseph says:

        Dripping Spring? Is it a potato vodka? I will have to check it out, thx!

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