What Maia Wants Maia Gets

This insanely delicious meal started with me making my daughter carry home two whole organic chickens that were on sale at Whole Foods for .99 cents a pound. I would have been happy to carry them home myself but, I work there and didn’t get off until after the store closed. We only live a few blocks away but these were two heavy chickens! She was not happy about this at all. But then she looks at me and says…can you make some fried chicken? I of course had to agree and what followed was a whole menu of things she misses about Texas…

Maia says…”and can you make sweet tea? But, not your sweet tea, mom. The sweet tea like Granny Anne makes!” I hate making tea that sweet but she did carry 8lbs. of chicken home for me. “And can you make fried okra, too? And nothing healthy, mom. Don’t try to make any of this healthy!” “Okay, Maia.” What Maia wants Maia gets. I made her exactly what she asked for. My house was quiet for about ten minutes after I finished this journey of making our Texas style feast.  She even had to grab a bigger plate because the small little salad plate she usually uses wasn’t going to hold all the love she was piling on her plate!

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