Fish Sandwich

Growing up catholic we would eat fish every Friday during Lent. In catholic school they’d always bring Mc Donald’s fish sandwiches on Fridays during lent. I know…GROSS! But, I was a kid and didn’t know any better. I did develop a love for fish sandwiches, I think probably from this life experience. My love for cooking and creating my own healthier versions of food I consumed as a child shines in these tasty sandwiches! It doesn’t have to be Lent anymore for me to eat a fish sandwich. It does so happen to be Lent right now so for all you religious foodies, give these a try…


  • 1 lb. Alaskan Cod
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup corn meal
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • butter lettuce
  • beef tomato
  • poblano pepper
  • hoagie buns
  • your favorite cocktail or tarter sauce (i make my own)
  • 4 cups of frying oil
  • seasonings
  1. in a large bowl pour in buttermilk season with salt and pepper and a few pinches of dill (dry). Slice fish into pieces the same size as buns and toss into buttermilk.
  2. mix flour and cornmeal together, season with salt, pepper and dill. with a fork lightly fluff.
  3. heat oil in cast iron or heavy bottom deep skillet over high heat. (prep for sandwich: thinly slice, tomato and poblano pepper)
  4. get a piece of fish from buttermilk, dredge through flour until coated, lightly shake and lay in hot oil. depending on the size of your pan only fry two or three pieces at a time. (do not over crowd. you will have a soggy mess.) fry about two minutes each side. drain on a paper towel (or paper bag).
  5. Warm buns a bit and assemble your glory!

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