Whole Foods Market Brewing Company

On a recent trip to Houston, Texas for a family wedding, I had an opportunity to visit the newest member of the Whole Foods Market family. I am a loyal Whole Foods Market Venice team member but when I get a chance to visit other stores…especially new ones out of state, I get very excited! I also, am a proud Texan so it was an extra treat to be able to visit Whole Foods Brewing Company. It’s a big one too at 48,000 square feet and located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas.

In case you couldn’t tell by the name, the new Whole Foods is a brewery as well as a market! A lot of the Whole Foods stores have beer on tap and wine bars (yep…that’s right…you can have a drink at a grocery store) but this one is the first in the family to brew their own beer! Vey exciting! I tasted the four beers they had on tap and I’m happy to report all were delicious. They had a fun and unique “sweet potato” beer that I really liked but could probably only drink one. I’m not a beer snob or connoisseur but I do like trying new things and the sweet potato beer was a tasty spin on beer for the fall season.

Check out my quick little slideshow I put together on my brief walk through Whole Foods Market Brewing Company. Please keep in my mind I took all these photos with an ipod and rather quickly because I had family members with me who were less enthusiastic than I was. 🙂


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