Food Trailer Menu

Rumor has it we may be the proud owners of an airstream food trailer. I guess when in austin…open a food trailer! Whether we are joining the fad or a little behind the Austin food trailer days, one thing is for sure…We are some crazy good cooks and we love the heat and chaos in a kitchen! Hard work, blood and sweat is our motto! Also, #FoodisLove is our number one hashtag!

While working our insane hours in the retail food corporate industry we often dream and ponder what it would be like to be doing this for ourselves. Working for yourself is not for just anyone. You have to be as strong and powerful as these big corporations who have tens of thousands of people doing the dirty work for them. On a much smaller scale, can we assemble a team of people to help build and grow our business into something successful and something to be proud of? Why not….tens of thousands of people have done it before us and tens of thousands will attempt do it after. I know I’m not afraid to get beat up, bloody and bruised in battle. I’ve been doing most of my life. I find it to be the thrill of life. So, I say “Fuck It” If I fall I know how to dust myself off and try again. If I win…I know how to be grateful to those who helped make a vision successful.

First Draft Menu

Texas Street Dog-

Can’t every city be proud of their hot dog? From L.A. to Chicago and New York. We love them all! But since we are in Texas and on a street…we’re callin it a Texas Street Dog.

1/4 pound bison dog, wrapped in bacon, topped with roasted poblano and onion and a jalapeno pickled relish. Make it a chili cheese dog with bison chili and sharp cheddar cheese. Served on a warmed soft white bun.

JJ’s West L.A. Turkey Taquitos-

This is where JJ’s Mexican Lebanese heritage fuses together and is based on one of her most loved catering dishes in L.A.

JJ’s ground turkey taco meat, wrapped in a corn tortilla and fried. Served on a bed of lettuce topped with queso fresco and served with a side of spicy or mild cilantro lime labne dipping sauce.

Matt’s Big Beef Burger-

Coming Soon

Something to notch on while you wait and other sides-

  • House made Hummus with Pita
  • House made Salsa with Chips
  • Basket of Fries (Make it Texas style or Canadian style)

Some R&D thoughts. Have a couple of rotating menu items…

In the winter have a Stew of the Day. Spring and summer have Matt’s Street Fish Tacos. In rotation…Nava’s Ladykiller Sub and a Maia’s Favorite item.


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