A Siren’s Late Night Snack

Whether they are myths or true creatures of the deepest depths of the sea, I’m imagining there are mermaids that devour their prey and spit out the bones. If she’s a myth then I’ll just imagine that I once was a siren but now am forced to live on land and in this current world. So, I did what any fierce creature trapped on land would do. I went out and got me a fish monger so he can bring me the freshest fish that I can devour. Now I just need him to build me a salt water pool!

My monger got his hands on some red snapper from Texas, my favorite! So, We fired up the charcoal grill and had a simple but elegant late night snack fit for a hungry siren!

*This post is dedicated to mi Abuelita (my Granny) She was Mexican and loved her fish whole! I have so many memories of going to Caddo Lake in east Texas for catfish with her! She always got hers whole. I eat my fish whole now, also, Abuelita!

Fresh Fish!
Ready for dress rehearsal.
Dressed to impress.
Nothing like hot coals to warm you up!
Devour and…
spit out the bones.

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