Super Food Pancakes

These were so much to make that I just had to write about them! While contemplating what to cook for breakfast and only having enough ingredients for pancakes I thought, how can I make these fun and fill them with some nutrition?! I keep spirulina powder, beet powder and green vibrance, along with assorted extracts, and frozen fruits on hand. I had cans of coconut milk and some goat milk too. So, I made three different types of pancakes incorporating some super foods into them.

  • Traditional Pancake: made with cinnamon and vanilla extract and goat milk
  • Spirulina and Blueberry Pancakes: pureed blueberry (thawed), lavender extract, goat milk, spirulina powder, green vibrance
  • Strawberry and Beet Pancakes: pureed strawberries (thawed), almond extract, coconut milk, beet powder

Mermaid pancakesspirulinaandbeetpancakes756242519.jpg

Strawberry and Beet Pancakes
Blueberry and Spirulina Pancake
Traditional Pancake


Neapolitan pancakes
Neapolitan Pancakes

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